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Transform any photograph to a work of art

From the initial to the final stroke of the brush, our skilled fine artists will transform your photographs into a treasured work of art. Our bespoke paintings are created in oils and painted entirely by hand.

Painting Subjects

Portrait paintings depict a person or an animal, where each person or animal equals one figure. Depending on the size you require, we can paint from one to ten figures in a composition. Portraits may include children, friends, spouses, family members and pets.

We also offer reproductions of famous portraits by great masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and JohannesVermeer.

Landscape paintings have no people or animals depicted. Examples include still lives with flowers, nature scenes, cars and architectural views. You may choose to have a seascape composition, such as an ocean panorama, rather than a landscape.

World-renowned landscape paintings by celebrated artists such as Claude Monet, Paul C├ęzanne and John Constable can also be reproduced.

Painted in fine oils, portrait and landscape paintings add a classically elegant accent to any home.

Painting Textures

Flat is the standard texture we offer. The canvas has a very fine layer of paint applied to its surface. When this surface is viewed from the side, it appears smooth with minimal visible brush strokes.
Impastois our premium texture. The surface is richly textured with thick paint, imparting a three dimensional sculptural quality to the painting.

Vincent Van Gogh used the impasto technique as an additional means of expressing his emotions, through the surface of the paint.

Helpful Tips to Consider

We must be able to see it, in order to paint it.
Uploading a high quality photograph will provide us with highest quality detail we need, ensuring you have the most beautifully detailed painting. We strongly recommend that you provide photographs taken by a professional photographer.
Measure the area where your painting will be displayed.
Choose a size which best suits your needs and which will fit with its surroundings.
Provide your artist with step-by-step guidance on your requirements.
You can combine images from several photographs into your painting. For example, you may wish to have a family member from one photograph combined with a family member in another photograph. During the ordering process you can instruct your artist on the specific images you wish to have depicted.

There may be a particular item or background in a photograph that you wish to include or exclude from your painting. Give these instructions to your artist when ordering and it will be done.

The Art of Giving

A gift for a special occasion
A bespoke work of art, created especially for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a house warming or a graduation, is a gift that will be enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime.


Your custom painting will be delivered in approximately 17 to 21 days.
Please take this into consideration before ordering, particularly if your painting is a gift that is required for a special occasion. We also offer an express shipping service, which reduces the delivery time to 10 to 14 days
We only ship your painting when you are completely satisfied
When your painting is completed, we will e-mail a photograph to you for your approval. Should you require further editing to be done to your painting, we will do this. We will repeat this process, sending photographs of your painting to you via e-mail, until you approve it. Only when you are completely satisfied with your painting, will it be shipped.
An initial payment of just 30%
You may pay 30% of the total price in advance. When you have approved your painting, simply pay the remaining 70% and we will ship your painting.
Shipped with care
For its shipment with FedEx or FedEx Express, your painting will be protected with bubble or foam wrap to safeguard it during its journey.