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Paintings Prices

Subject12" x 12" or 30cm x 30cm12" x 16" or 31cm x 41cm14" x 18" or 35cm x 45cm16" x 20" or 40cm x 50cm20" x 24" or 50cm x 60cm24" x 24" or 61cm x 61cm22" x 36" or 56cm x 91cm24" x 36" or 61cm x 91cm30" x 30" or 76cm x 76cm30" x 40" or 76cm x 101cm36" x 36" or 91cm x 91cm24" x 48" or 60cm x 121cm36" x 48" or 91cm x 122cm40" x 40" or 102cm x 102cm
1 Figure-181194220233-298350-467-454493-
2 Figures-194207233246-311363-493-480506-
3 Figures--220246259-324376-519-506532-
4 Figures---259272-337389-545-532558-
5 Figures----285-350402-571-558584-
6 Figures------363415-597-584610-
7 Figures------376428-623-610636-
8 Figures-----------636662-
9 Figures-----------662701-
10 Figures-----------701740-
Sizes in Inches, Prices in USD $

Framing Prices

Contemporary Frame
Classic 'Antique' Frame
Modernist Frame
Classic 'Antique' Frame
Modernist Frame
Modernist Frame
Stretched Canvas
Gallery Wrap Canvas
Sizes in Inches, Prices in USD $

Impasto Paintings

Impasto paintings are charged at 20% premium before the cost of the frame and shipping is added.